Train of Thought(s)

Jesus is King. Proto. Proto. Prototype. Alpha and then Omega. Ing Emperor. The first of the Ing not the last. Samus. Samus Aran. Good girl fights bad guys. Halo. Master Chief. Master Hand. Crazy Hand. Crazy Kong. There was no Kong called Crazy Kong. Lol.


Pascal’s Wager Part Uno

So there is an old argument for God called Pascal’s Wager. The argument goes like this: if I believe in God, and I am right, I lose enjoyment in this life, but I gain eternal pleasure in the next life. However, if I believe in God, and I am wrong, I only lose enjoyment in this life. But, if I don’t believe in God, and I am right, I gain enjoyment in this life. However, if I don’t believe in God, and I am wrong, I still gain enjoyment in this life but I lose out on eternal pleasure. To put it simply:

If I believe in God I lose temporary pleasure and possibly gain eternal pleasure.

If I don’t believe in God I gain temporary pleasure but possibly lose eternal pleasure.

Since one option has the possibility of eternal pleasure, and that greatly outweighs any finite gain or loss, that is the option to take.


Evil / Good

Satan, (yes, let’s talk about him) is evil. Satan hates you. God thinks you’re great. Satan tells you that you’re in the wrong body, that you’re a horrible person, that you will never amount to anything. God tells you he made you with great care and he did an amazing job. He tells you that He loves your personality and that even if you didn’t make it, at least you tried. And also, God has great plans for you and will get you to go very far in life.

first blog post

This is my first blog post. I might use it to talk about myself. I was born in Bosnia. It was a war-torn country at the time. Today I live in America and it is pretty peaceful. I wonder how ignorant and prideful I am. You know sometimes I think I know better than everyone else but at the same time I want people to be better than me. It’s like sometimes I feel like I’m in first place in this race called life and I am privileged to teach others to run as fast as me, but then at other times I hope that other people are ahead of me in the race because I don’t want to be running by myself and even then I can’t help feeling I am still first. Thankfully, I don’t believe I think clearly at all in this. People are ahead of me in some areas, and in some areas I am ahead. This is putting it simply and truthfully.

My life is simple and overly hectic. I try every day to please God but sometimes I go overboard in what I try to do. I think it’s rooted in insecurity; I try to be someone valuable when in reality God already sees me as valuable. It’s like sitting at a table and someone offers you a plate of food, and you just run away and go try to find food for yourself. It insults the person offering, but I guess he gives you that free will.

Speaking of God, he’s a good guy. A really good guy. He’s just like another one of us. He’s my friend, but he also interacts with everyone. He’s very mysterious in what he does but he’s also very open and if you seek him you find him, provided you’re actually seeking him.