Inside Out

I watched Inside Out.  I will say that I cannot review this movie compared to other movies because it is in its own category. What this movie did was so weird and so clever that I want to say that it should be in its own genre. Nevertheless, I will discuss it for it is really good. The movie had a great cast. I did not realize it as I was watching but when I googled all the actors behind each emotion, the choices were excellent and fit perfectly. The other thing I want to praise it for is its strangeness. The movie was so weird, that at first, I thought negatively of some of its aspects, but when I realized they were doing something revolutionary and new, I realized it was just part of the process. Furthermore, the humor was as though it was divided by a wall: on one side there were jokes that kids found funny, and on the other side there were jokes that adults found funny. Being on one side of the wall, I did not find the other side’s jokes as funny, but I respected them and knew why they were there and that they served a righteous purpose. Ultimately, this movie can best be described as the self-confident person you’re trying to date. They’re not desperate to please you; the point of their existence is not for you; rather you are allowed a peek into their world. And oh what an honor it is.



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