Catholic means universal.

Orthodox means true.

I suppose I would consider myself a true universal Christian.

Does that make me a Catholic Orthodox Christian?

All jokes aside. Language is an interesting thing. In whats his name’s book, 1984 (written in 1948, published in 1949 by the way, I think, I’m not gonna check), the evil Oceanic government has modified the English language to keep people from rebelling against said government. I think they got rid of all words that people could use to rebel or something like that; I was in high-school when I read it I don’t remember. Anyway, it’s interesting isn’t it? Words are how we communicate ideas and yet, some words mean multiple things, and people can get confused. I’m not talking small stuff here, I’m talking whole world views can be shifted just because someone went to church and a pastor used a word that meant something else to a person and all of sudden a crucial part of how they see life has been changed (provided they received his message). Now he thinks he has to give poor people money in order to secure his entrance to heaven. Hmm… perhaps we should be more careful about the words we use. Same goes for presidents.


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