Guardians of the Galaxy

Good action movie. Me gusta. I wouldn’t say this movie expounds any deep moral views but it does make for a good action movie. Furthermore, the cast is perfect; well really only two castings matter (Groot and Rocket) and these were perfect. Never mind, just realized that Batista from WWE was in it, ballin! Also Chris Pratt hasn’t been in enough movies yet, but playing the lead role in the LEGO Movie is probably the accomplishment of a lifetime.


Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a ballin’ movie. It tells the story of a Indian Hindu man who goes to Pakistan to return a mute Muslim girl to her family. All around the film is about ending the hatred between both countries and both religions. I think Jesus approves.


There’s a really good book on dreams called Dream: Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life by Dutch Sheets. I recommend you check it out. I’ve only read the first chapter.

Anyway, I used to be a man with no dreams. I just expected life to carry on… no, I expected to one day get married and that would be the fulfillment of my life.

Nowadays, with Jesus, I have different dreams. I want to go to Mars. Yes, that sounds crazy. I got to work hard, but maybe it will work out. No, it will work out. My other dream is to be a racecar  driver. I have not spent my childhood training, but maybe it will work out. No it will work out. I feel like God has called me to be a racecar driver. It makes sense. I get a thrill from driving down the freeway. I like go-karts. One day it will work out. God willing.

But if it all does not work out. It’s okay, I did not miss out. My purpose here on earth is to love God.


So Zootopia was pretty good. It honestly feels like a tool of God.

This movie is a movie about social justice. It brings up the issues that modern society is dealing with but brings it down to a child’s level and uses animals to convey it. It is geniously done. The movie tackles the heart issues of stereotyping and racism. The movie does another thing well: it satires the social climate of America:

Judy Hopps: I just stated the facts of the case! I mean, its not like a bunny can go savage.

Nick Wilde: Right. But a fox could, huh?

Judy Hopps: Nick stop it! You’re not like them.

Nick Wilde: [getting angered] Oh, so there’s a them now?

Clawhauser: O. M. Goodness, they really did hire a bunny. Ho-whop! I gotta tell you, you’re even cuter than I thought you’d be.

Judy Hopps: Ooh, ah, you probably didn’t know, but a bunny can call another bunny ‘cute’, but when other animals do it, that’s a little…

‘Go back to the forest, predator!’ a sheep shouts at a cheetah. ‘I’m from the savannah,’ comes the weary reply.

Great quotes huh? This movie is as satisfying as a really good 2 hour long back scratch, and that is pretty satisfying.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Sponge Out of Water

I expected the new Spongebob Squarepants movie to be terrible. It was not. The movie was pretty funny, pretty hilarious actually.

I think the reason it was so good was that they brought back the original creator of the series, Stephen Hillenburg, who was there for the eponymous first three seasons and the first Spongebob movie (which was great). Because of this, the new movie was filled with wackiness to the extreme. It was flat out ridiculous. Which is why I loved it.

There were some cringy parts, such as the talking birds; the talking birds were hard to deal with, but other than that it was great.


Inside Out

I watched Inside Out.  I will say that I cannot review this movie compared to other movies because it is in its own category. What this movie did was so weird and so clever that I want to say that it should be in its own genre. Nevertheless, I will discuss it for it is really good. The movie had a great cast. I did not realize it as I was watching but when I googled all the actors behind each emotion, the choices were excellent and fit perfectly. The other thing I want to praise it for is its strangeness. The movie was so weird, that at first, I thought negatively of some of its aspects, but when I realized they were doing something revolutionary and new, I realized it was just part of the process. Furthermore, the humor was as though it was divided by a wall: on one side there were jokes that kids found funny, and on the other side there were jokes that adults found funny. Being on one side of the wall, I did not find the other side’s jokes as funny, but I respected them and knew why they were there and that they served a righteous purpose. Ultimately, this movie can best be described as the self-confident person you’re trying to date. They’re not desperate to please you; the point of their existence is not for you; rather you are allowed a peek into their world. And oh what an honor it is.


Train of Thought(s)

Jesus is King. Proto. Proto. Prototype. Alpha and then Omega. Ing Emperor. The first of the Ing not the last. Samus. Samus Aran. Good girl fights bad guys. Halo. Master Chief. Master Hand. Crazy Hand. Crazy Kong. There was no Kong called Crazy Kong. Lol.

Pascal’s Wager Part Uno

So there is an old argument for God called Pascal’s Wager. The argument goes like this: if I believe in God, and I am right, I lose enjoyment in this life, but I gain eternal pleasure in the next life. However, if I believe in God, and I am wrong, I only lose enjoyment in this life. But, if I don’t believe in God, and I am right, I gain enjoyment in this life. However, if I don’t believe in God, and I am wrong, I still gain enjoyment in this life but I lose out on eternal pleasure. To put it simply:

If I believe in God I lose temporary pleasure and possibly gain eternal pleasure.

If I don’t believe in God I gain temporary pleasure but possibly lose eternal pleasure.

Since one option has the possibility of eternal pleasure, and that greatly outweighs any finite gain or loss, that is the option to take.